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This project consists of a steel communication tower supporting microwave antennae with provisions for additional tower height and future buildings constructed of steel or concrete. In order to preserve future options, the overall structure had to analyzed to resist severe winds combined with several potential loading scenarios. Due to the remote location and short construction season at the site located at over 11,000 feet above sea level, Holy Cross Energy elected to use a pre-cast, post-tensioned foundation system by Cell Blocks. The subgrade consisted of overexcavation and placement of on non-frost susceptible road base down to bedrock. A highly critical part of the project was the grounding system consisting of a network of grounding rods and lines throughout the site to provide lightning protection.

Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc acted as the Engineer of Record and Coordinating Professional. We provided the grading plan and site layout, coordinated and reviewed the engineering for precast foundation and the communications tower, reviewed requirements from the U.S. Forest Service and county building department and, prepared and submitted permit drawings. We assisted the Owner with project management including scheduling, coordinating with material vendors, erectors and third party inspectors. We performed the concrete special inspection duties at the precast plant. Also, we were available on site during construction to assist in grading operations, preparation of the foundation subgrade, and setting the precast foundation blocks.

This project was constructed in one of the most extreme sites we have ever seen with a two-month building season and it was made possible due to the diligence and planning of the Owner, utilizing national expertise and technology as well as the resourcefulness and cooperation of the local mountain trades and professionals.

Local residents near the site

Leveling the site for proper drainage

Placing the microwave antennas

Tower with microwave antennas installed