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Garfield County Road and Bridge Sand Storage Sheds, Glenwood Springs and Rifle, CO

In snowy environments, the roads frequently need to have a layer of sand applied to them to help to keep the people driving on the roads safe. These tent structures serve to cover the county’s sand supply so that it can be easily loaded onto trucks without additional unneeded moisture, ice or snow. Sand is unloaded and stored in these sheds until it is needed. It is then loaded onto the county Road and Bridge trucks for distribution. The storage sheds have concrete walls that are capable of retaining as much as 7' of sand.

Because of the function of the structures, the walls had to be durable to withstand any accidental impact from the heavy equipment used. Because of the nature of the reaction from the tent structures, the walls also had to be designed to withstand the loads from the pre-engineered tent structures. These reactions had to be verified with the pre-engineered tent supplier and verified to comply with local conditions. The walls had to be reinforced locally at the tent structure supports. These loads, the loads from the sand and the reactions from the tent structure, in their critical state, are both outward and are added together making the design of the wall more challenging than if it only saw one of the load.

The smaller shed is 60'-4 wide x 61' long and located near Cattle Creek outside of Glenwood Springs, CO.

The larger shed is 70'-4 wide x 121' long and located outside of Rifle, CO.